What colour should I choose for bathroom vanity?

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Colors have a profound impact on the mood set in any room. Color is not only about matching your accessories and overall décor but it actually changes how you feel in that particular space. Making your bathroom a true sanctuary means selecting everything that can help you create a particular mood set.

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Aluminum Bathroom Vanity

Modern bathroom vanities with wood finishes have become increasingly popular in remodelled and rebuild projects, Brown may not be the best color to make it the central theme of your bathroom but it can be a very useful option for your large features such as double sink vanities. As brown is an earthly color it can be relaxing and also provide a touch of elegance. You may often find bathroom vanities that are particular in combinations with browns. If you plan on going with brown or any shade of brown you need to make sure to have a light contrasting color and make sure your bathroom has ample amount of light to give it a warm natural glow.

Lighter shades of grey are also quite popular and a number of bathroom vanities use natural-synthetic wood with grey finishes. If you are aiming for an overall rustic look, then grey is definitely the shade you would want to consider. Grey and its shades also look quite impressive in ultra modern bathroom design as long as you choose the right style of vanity for your washroom.

White is one of the most common colors to choose as it is an achromatic and reflects light providing a more lighter and energetic feel. Large white vanities offer quite a contemporary look and help the room to look more open and welcoming. You can balance out the choice of white by using steel, chrome or nickel hardware for your vanity. Choosing white vanity can be useful if your bathroom lacks natural light.

Marble is another quite impressive countertop material that can be used in your bathroom. Having a marble top vanity adds a unique and elegant look and the complex and random patterns that flow across the surface create quite an aesthetic feel.  There are many shades of a marble that you can get for your vanity that can create a relaxing look for your bathroom.

You must always take the time to think about how the color of a vanity will work with the overall feel of the bathroom and its important to remember the relationship between color, atmosphere and mood. For more information you can visit fsaolaisi.com that provides you a range of colors to choose for your vanity.