How to Choose Mirrors for Wardrobe Doors?

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There are good reasons why people go for the mirrored wardrobes. One of such reasons is that they make the room look bigger, give the room a more modern look and even make any room appear brighter. Apart from that, mirrored wardrobes guide you when you think of setting up the interior décor of your bedroom. However, it is important to pay good attention to the bedroom layout when making your choice of mirrored wardrobe doors especially during the design phase.

To get the perfect fit for your bedroom you also need to consider the positioning of the windows, how you use the room as other factors.

Here, we help you with how to choose mirrors for wardrobe doors

Let’s get started!


You can go for mixed materials

You don’t have to make your mirrored wardrobes totally mirrored. You are sure to avoid reflecting the whole room when you go for certain panels to be mirrored. There are endless design options for your mirrored wardrobe. The materials for the panel can be light and dark gloss panels, solid wood and more. It’s totally your choice to make.

However, whether you choose a single mirror door within a row of solid doors or a center pane of door or a slim strip panel, you’re sure to give your room an impressive and striking appearance that adds beauty to your mirror and the entire interior.


You also need to consider lights and reflections

As soon as you done with choosing the best position for your wardrobes, the next thing to do is to think of what will be reflected. What’s the angle of the sun during the day? Will the sun be reflected off the mirrors? And how bright is the rays entering your room? When you have bright reflections, it causes an unnecessary glare on your television or dressing table, and I bet such could be annoying.

Hence, when considering the layout of your bedroom and the position of your wardrobe mirrors, you should avoid placing them opposite a window to avoid reflecting the rays of the sun entering your room especially during the morning time.


Consider the type of opening

It will be determined by the size of your room.

The sliding mirror wardrobe doors

If you do not have enough space between the wardrobe and the bed (more than 50cm), you have no choice but to opt for the sliding mirror wardrobe doors. Although you may have enough space and still want to have more and choose sliding doors for pleasure. You can choose sliding doors with a minimalist design that allows you to focus your attention on other elements of the bedroom

You can go for hinged mirrored wardrobe doors

These types of doors are perfect to take full advantage of the interior of the wardrobe. White doors combined with transparent glass will allow you to have everything in sight and safe from dust. Or definitely double the size of the room with mirror doors. Grids add an elegant touch, and all you have to worry about is choosing a few small handles.


Both sliding mirror wardrobe and the hinged options are perfect and your choice will depend on the size of your room and the type of décor you want to give to your space.