Cheap Bathroom Vanities Under $200 Recommend for you

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Want a set of bathroom vanities that fit in your bathroom decoration? Want a set of bathroom vanities that with high-standard quality? Want an enjoyable bathroom vanity using experiences? Fsaolaisi could be able to satisfy your need within 200 dollars!


With a more than 10 years manufacturing experience, Fsaolaisi focus on produce and export cheap bathroom vanities, provides their customers with high quality bathroom vanities with a cheap price, so that it gets lots of loyalty- return customers, especially for the following several types of bathroom vanities, and you can customized the color in all of the followings.  


304 stainless steel wall mounted bathroom vanity (AL -6822)

The design of 304 stainless steel wall mounted bathroom vanity (AL -6822) concentrates on “simplify”. One set of bathroom vanity includes four pieces: A hanging mirror, a wash basin, a shelf and a cabinet. The 4mm thickness Sliver mirror with a size of 700*900mm, is made of stainless steel; The cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel, with the size of 800*470mm; And the wash basin is ceramic basin with A-class Grade. The material of stainless steel has lots of advantages. Except this kind of material is waterproof and moisture proof, it can also anti rust and anti-corrosion.  The light weight of this material helps to reduce the transportation cost of the bathroom vanities, so that the furniture could be cheaper than the furniture that made by other materials.


A-9215C space- Aluminum Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Different from AL-6822, A-9215C space-Aluminum Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Furnitures specially designed for Middle East market. The size of mirror is 500*700mm, and the cabinet size is 500*360mm.The material of space Aluminum has a thickness of 0.6-1.0mm which is use for making the cabinet.  However, this type of bathroom vanities could be also customized by stainless steel material, I it could be up to your preferences.  While the material of Space Aluminum has the same characteristics as stainless steel material, which is anti-rust, anti- corrosion and durable. It’s also anti-mildew, and the weight of one piece you could consult the detail with the sellers.


Led mirror (AL-5001)

If you do not need a set of furniture, but just the mirror that hanging on the wall, the Led mirror (AL-5001) also could meet your need. It’s a round double touch Led mirror you can order for several size, CCT and voltage of the Led light.

The adjustable mode of light becomes the highlight of this product, for example the night light mode, dimming mode or even the Bluetooth and defog mode.


All of the above products from Fsaolaisi really help you to save money, for which they are all under the price of 200 dollars. If you want a good cost- performance bathroom vanities, If you want to get the cheap bathroom furniture but with both good quality and durability, just take your order from Fsaolaisi without hesitation, it can bring you the cheap goods which fit in almost all style of decoration, and it can bring you the unprecedent enjoyable feeling of your bathroom time just under a cheap price.